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2011 Board of Directors Print
Written by Ken Terrell   
Saturday, 29 January 2011

Board of Directors





President Dave Manor 407-310-5305
Vice President Adel Tennyson 407-782-9028
Treasurer Dave Manor 407-310-5305
Directors Orlando Catalan 407-435-8742
  Joel Ottoson 407-569-6363
  Mike Pauley 407-331-2858
  Jennifer Fluker 407-719-3177

Committee Members

Committee Name




Accounting Steve and Patti Steward 407-252-9500
Architectural Review Vacant    
Clubhouse Liza Ferreira 407-256-6085
Clubhouse Dave Manor 407-310-5305
Code Enforcement Vacant    
Condo Liason Dave Manor 407-310-5305
Deed Restrictions / Facebook Kathy Morgan 407-619-2417
Garage Sale / Hospitality Estelle Simandl 407-645-4783
Hospitality Cherri Nolan 407-963-1945
Kids Club Jennifer Fluker 407-719-3177
Kids Club Shannon Eidem 407-929-8537
Kids Club Ashley Walstad 407-956-0586
Maintenance Orlando Catalan 407-435-8742
Newsletter Linda Ridge 407-252-6772
RV & Boating Ken Terrell 407-767-5968
Secretary Gina Conte 321-217-5777
Signs Victoria Bonetti 407-834-8805
Website Ken Terrell 407-767-5968

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