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Written by Steven Estrada   
Friday, 17 September 2010
If you though MY LAST AC PROBLEM was bad - read on.

The AC started acting up again a few weeks ago.   I called Gembecki Mechanical - the folks who sold it, and are contracted to do warranty work on my four year old Trane XL16i that's broken about ten times since purchased in July 2006.

The part - a new TXV valve - arrived about a week later. An AC technician showed up bright and early as expected Monday and installed it along with an outside drier.  All under warranty.  

The AC worked great for a good ten minutes after that.  

Then the compressor outside burned up and melted, forcing me to cut electric power at the breaker panel.   Plumes of black smoke billowed out of the thing scaring me the house may catch on fire.   Thankfully - it didn't.   I stood there with a hose and called the AC tech back who diagnosed the compressor shorted to ground, needing to be replaced.  

I spent the night in a 91 degree bedroom begging the Lord to tell me what sin I commited.

The house lights were flickering when I woke up.  I mumbled to myself "Great, the heat must have melted my inside wiring", so I called Orlando's highly-rated electrical contractor - Ferran Services.  I've been dealing with them for 20 years and never had a problem with their quality or prices.

An electrician arrived a few hours later and found a problem with the electric meter outside that he says may have gotten fried from the AC's shorting out, sending a jolt of electric back thru the neutral line. Makes me wonder why I pay Progress Energy an extra $6.37/mo for that ten foot rod buried in the backyard to SUPRESS ENERGY SURGES.

One TV and one computer in the house are fried.

The AC compressor got replaced the following day - under warranty. Good job Gembecki.

Some metal clamps inside the electric meter, breaker panel in the garage, and wiring to the AC compressor were replaced by Ferran's electrician.  My bill $2,000.

Ferran's work failed the city's inspection Wednesday and Hilda there was dutifully advised to fix what the inspector called a "fire hazard".   An electrician was scheduled to come out the next day, and inspector the day after.

Ferran didn't show up.  That's not like them at all.

Another wasted day off from work for me.

Fortunately, the house didn't catch on fire.

Friday morning the Ferran electrician and city inspector showed up together. The inspector left. The electrician finished up and left leaving me with drywall work to do cause the new electric panel's smaller than the old one.  

I called the City of Casselberry and asked to get the inspector back out.  The lady apologized, but forced me to wait until Monday.

Now I gotta take another day off from work to wait for the inspector. At least I can kill some time plugging the holes by the new electric panel.  Later in the afternoon Progress Energy called threatening to cut my electric off because I didn't get the meter inspected.

The AC won't go under 74.

I think I understand why people GO POSTAL

----- UPDATE 6 months later ----

About six months later - somone from Gembecki calls and says they got a new wiring harness to replace the jury-rigged job they did (nobody told me about) six months earlier.

 A tech came out and put it in.

Now the AC works fine. Good job Gembecki.


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