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Written by Steven Estrada   
Sunday, 29 July 2007
Last year I bought a nice new two speed TRANE XL16i air conditioner after my faithful 15 year old RUUD died.

From what I believed until now - is that US BASED TRANE is a well respected, and well established maker of quality, RELIABLE air conditioners for both home and commercial.

I got it last July from their AUTHORIZED local dealer GEMBECKI, along with a ten year extended warranty.

Saturday that one year old, high-quality, high-efficiency, super-deluxe, Trane XL16i broke.

The Gembecki tech who came over and left without fixing it, says the fan that keeps the compressor from overheating failed, and a new motor for it will need to be ordered from Trane when they open Monday, then after it arrives, an appointment set up to put it in. He went on to explain his company doesn't carry spare parts for Trane XLs, and apologized that the fans he does carry don’t fit my system.

I called another authorized Trane dealer. The lady told me basically the same thing about Trane spare parts - they don't stock them.

Do you know what that means to a Florida resident whose Trane AC breaks on a hot Saturday afternoon in July? .

It means you may be out of luck getting it fixed in a timely manner.

My advice - keep away from Trane and their dealers, whose policies may result in the inability to adequately service their products. Buy from places that don’t skimp on service or maintenence. Don’t make the mistake I did by not asking enough prepurchase questions. Get a service contract in writing that includes guaranteed same or next day repair. Especially if you live here.

If this site goes offline, either the server melted, and/or I did.
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