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Written by Steven Estrada   
Monday, 10 February 2014

Do you live in the northwest part of the community - like near the firehouse?

Your drive to 436 north is now an extra mile to go all the way around the complex and use the back way out on Sausalito Blvd. Or go out the one remaining Red Bug exit that only goes east, make a u turn where you can, and head west to 436.

If you're heading south on 436 on your way home from Altamonte, you get the luxury of using the flyover, but have to hurry up and merge right to get into the complex, or to be safer - drive an extra mile using the back way in at Sausalito Blvd.

Have you used that new Red Bug left turn lane coming home from Oviedo?   The thing's about 20 feet short of the intersection, and the view of oncoming traffic is blocked by the trees in the divider.

Putting a traffic  light at that intersection would help.


The board has been working on the issue with the left turn and a resolution is coming. Sad, but they are putting it off until after  they close the project. It fit the DOT requirements that were in place at the time the flyover was designed. The design was to prevent left turns out. They have since found it to be a bad design. They intend to extend the turn lane. They also intend to replace the plants with lower profile plants. They cannot put a light at that location because it is too close to the entrance to the community across the street. They should have moved their entrance to align with ours and put in a light. They were also concerned that a light to close tot he down ramp and merge would be dangerous.






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