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Written by Ken Terrell   
Sunday, 21 April 2013


The current color palette was approved by the Sausalito Shores Homeowners’ Board and Community on August 15, 2006. The approved color palette is a result of the community deed restrictions. The approved colors are from the Sherwin Williams Color Palette selections

Why are home colors important? Did you know that the color of your home can affect the value of your home? Even more so, the color of the home next to yours can affect the value of your home! Have you ever driven into a community and thought, "wow, I would not want to live next to that house." Well, a would be buyer certainly would. As a result, the home that is for sale next door to a less than desirable home may sit on the market for a longer period of time until the price is lowered enough to overcome the stigma resulting in a lower sales price. Then when the house next to that or down the street tries to sell, it will sell for a lower price because the last home sold for less. This continues until the value of all the homes in the community have been affected. This is how deed restrictions can help protect your property value.

Approved Color Combinations


Exterior (body)

Code #


Code #

Front Door

Code #


SW 6133

Protégé Bronze

SW 6153

Gallant Gold

SW 6391

Favorite Tan

SW 6157

Connected Gray

SW 6165

Sundried Tomato

SW 2915


SW 6158

Superior Bronze

SW 6152


SW 6244

Wool Skein

SW 6148

Basket Beige

SW 6143

Basque Green

SW 6426

Softer Tan

SW 6141

Steady Brown

SW 6110


SW 6355

Down Home

SW 6081

Practical Beige

SW 6100


SW 6027

Basket Beige

SW 6143


SW 6104


SW 6133

Sedate Gray

SW 6169


SW 6171


SW 6994

 Note: white trim/accent is allowed with any body color.

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