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Written by Ken Terrell   
Tuesday, 05 February 2013
We have started a project that is intended to replace the wall along Red Bug Lake Road.

The Sausalito Shores community wall located along Red Bug Lake Road is over 30 years old and is in poor condition. The wall has been repaired over the years and can no longer be repaired. As a result, the wall must be replaced. In response to this need, the Sausalito Shores Board of Directors is in the process of submitting an application requesting the creation of a Special Assessment to replace the wall structure. Establishment of a Special Assessment would include the removal of the existing wall and construction of a replacement wall in accordance with City Building code requirements and of a design agreed upon by the community. If approved by the City Commission, the funding for the project would be advanced by the City and repaid by the community residents over a ten year period or a period agreed upon by the community. The cost of the project would be allocated equitably among the property owners within the community. Following reconstruction, the individual cost allocation (assessment) would be collected via the property tax bill.


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