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Written by Steven Estrada   
Sunday, 26 August 2012

When I first moved in years ago,  I thought it was me.  Maybe I didn't cut the tree limbs small enough to be manageble by the garbage collectors, or maybe the bags I raked the leaves in were supposed to be tied with pink bows.

But this latest incident deserves outrage.

Three of us got our palm trees trimmed about a month ago, and since then only a fraction of our combined yard waste was picked up and hauled away.  My neighbor said the trash guy told him  he'd call in a ticket to get it picked up.  Huh? 

A written request to The City of Casselberry Thursday pleading to have the rest removed before Hurricane Issac unleashes on us tomorrow, yielded no results.

I threw it all in the car, sneaked off to somebody's waste bin behind a store, and tossed it there.

I'd just as well let it sit outside forever,  but the alternative is risking that stuff turning into 80mph projectiles shooting throught your windows or mine.

Click HERE for the City's Garbage collection page.

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