Web sites contianing information about the lakes in the area and the environment.
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     Seminole County Watershed Atlas
This web site contains information about the Seminole county lakes. It includes information about water quality, and includes things like plants and animals in and around the lakes.
     Florida Lakewatch
Florida LAKEWATCH is a volunteer citizen lake monitoring program that facilitates "hands-on" citizen participation in the management of Florida lakes through monthly monitoring activities. The site contains information on the lakes in the state, i
     Friends of Lake Howell
The Friends of Lake Howell is a volunteer organization that maintains Lake Howell. Their goal is to maintain the lake in a heathly state. They are fully funded by donations from the residents in the communites around the lake. On the site, you can se
     SJWMD - Watershed Action Volunteers
This web site is part of the St Johns County water Management website. It contains information about the WAV program. The WAV program is a volunteer lake monitoring program similar to the Florida Lakewatch program.

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